Objectives and added value of an Internet Key Figure System for Germany


This work is motivated by the fact that the Internet can be seen as a critical infrastructure, whose on-going operation is particularly worth protecting. Problematic when considering the state of the Internet are two things: On the one hand, there are many dependencies in the context of the Internet, on the other hand there are only a few key figures that allow comprehensive statements. In the course of this work, a Key Figure System will be described in which the control object is the Internet by itself. The complex structure of the Internet is to be made more transparent and the condition, changes and future potential are to be expressed. In addition to the various objectives that are to be achieved during the design and implementation of such an Internet Key Figure System, this work describes the problems that have to be solved. These are less technical, but in fact organisational and legal nature. Each Key Figure System requires a control object, that is a clearly defined scope, which the data collection, data processing and data visualisation refer to. In the following the definition of an Internet Germany is given and the appropriate stakeholder and criteria are described. This work concludes with an explanation of the different added value of an Internet Key Figure System for the various addressees.

ISSE 2011 Securing Electronic Business Processes