Anomaly Detection in Spatial Layer Models of Autonomous Agents


For describing the complete state of complex environments with multiple mobile and autonomous agents, spatial layer models (SLM) are popular data structures. These models consist of several planes describing the spatial structure of selected features. Those SLM can directly be used for deep reinforcement learning tasks. However, detecting anomalies in such SLM poses two major challenges: the state space explosion in such settings and the spatial relations between the features. In this paper, we present a method for anomaly detection in SLM which solves both challenges by first extracting significant sub-patterns from training data and storing them in a dictionary. Afterwards, the entries of this dictionary are used for reconstructing SLM, which have to be validated. The resulting covering rate is an indicator for the (ab)normality of the given SLM. We show the applicability of our approach for a simple multi-agent scenario, and more complex smart factory scenarios with autonomous agents.

19th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL 2018)